All of the authors, poets, and writers that I have quoted, taken excerpts from, etc., are inspiration to me.

Living life is inspiration to me. What I go through in life inspires most of my writing. Emotions, events, people, things I witness…all of it plays into my writing. I write from my heart, and I don’t try to overthink it.

A lot of times I think in poetry. I know that sounds odd, and I don’t know how to explain it…but things just come to me that way. I find a piece of paper, if I can, and write it down. A good percentage of the time, though, I don’t have paper and I forget. It’s unfortunate, because some of it is better than others…but that’s just life. Something will come when I have a pen eventually.

I can find inspiration from many things, sometimes unexpectedly. And that’s what I love.