Venting Helps Me, But It’s Really Not That Interesting…Probably.

My day:

I was supposed to work a mid, but offered to cover my boss’s shift so that she could have a day off. Which meant I got to open and get off earlier in the day. Good deal, right?


It began with three people in a row showing up late. One thought she worked at 8:45am, not 6:45am. The next had taken a sleeping pill last night, and woke up late. The third called the store and said she overslept, but she was on her way.

Then the safe was off by a few hundred dollars, which took me forever to fix (since I kept re-checking my math). I later figured out the change order was never picked up, so that’s why it was way over…which meant that I messed it up because I had deposited that excess.

Next, in between the second and third person being late, one of the employees at work at the time burned herself pretty bad. She was taking the filter container off the brewer station (the part that holds the filter/grounds/hot water runs through), and the container had decided not to drain, so all of the hot water/grounds fell on her arm/hand/leg. I spent maybe ten-fifteen minutes helping her in the back with burn gel/cold towels and cleaning up the spill up front…then I spent about ten minutes filling out an incident report. Next I spent forty or more minutes on the phone with partner resources to further file the incident report (you have to call this number within 24 hours of the incident to report it). She ended up going home early, so there were less of us on the floor. After all that, breaks were terribly behind, so that was awesome playing catch up with less people.

Then, a customer decided to be an asshole to my other coworker who was trying to do drive thru alone. She ended up having to walk off the floor because she was hysterically crying. Three of us were on the floor at this point, trying to do everything ourselves (which is really hard for a Sunday).

After all this, at 1pm I finally finished my shift. I went to get groceries, brought it all home, and I was ready to relax. Life wasn’t that kind, because then my toilet decided to overflow continuously. By the time I figured out how to turn it off, my entire bathroom was flooded. It took me about an hour to clean it up, figure out how to fix the toilet (since nobody answered the phone at the front office), and then clean my bathroom and shower (since it and I were disgusting).

I’m done.

-April 30, 2017


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