Short Update

It’s Wednesday. Things are not improving much, behavior-wise. Although I did have a pretty good day today. I’ve been up since 3:30am, worked from 4:30-9:30am, then went to school straight from there until about 3pm. I thought this day was going to royally suck, being such a long day. But…things aren’t always what you foresee.

Work was actually not stressful. Sometimes I like getting off bar and being drive-thru (I work at Starbucks). I had fun with my coworkers. There wasn’t much drama. I had a “name quiz” in Communications class that I thought I would bomb (we had to remember everyone’s names/write them down, which ended up being 25). I actually remembered all 25. That was really encouraging. My concentration and ability to retain information has been off lately, so I thought I’d do terribly. But I studied in a different way that helped me remember (I made up a song and used mnemonics). Zoology wasn’t bad either. Our first lab was today and I liked my group.

I do only have three episodes of Bones left before I’m done with the series, so that’s actually kind of sad.

I’m a little nervous for tomorrow, though. My therapist wanted me to write down everything I ate today so that I can share it with her tomorrow. My list isn’t very impressive. I actually had the thought of eating something else, to make it look better…but I’m not hungry. I’m kind of losing that feeling.

As a side note, there would always be that option to lie to her, and say I ate more than I did. But the only people I ever did that with have been my family/friends. I’m usually pretty honest and straightforward with my treatment team. If I ever had lied to them in the past, I would tell them soon after. I feel horrible about lying to family/friends, but I also know there’s a higher potential of letting them down if I told them the truth. I guess that’s been the difference.

I work a very short shift tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some chores done tomorrow. I see my therapist and my psychiatrist…here’s to hoping they don’t go terribly.

-January 25, 2017


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