It’s about that time of year where you sit down at your computer, and start typing a Facebook status of how 2016 went, and maybe even some resolutions for next year. 

So I was like…why would I do this trend? I’m going to be different. I’ll post mine on WordPress!

Mostly kidding. Anyway, I think it is useful to consider how your year went. Not to berrade yourself in useless anger or regret…but to think about how things will change with the new year. While not everything does change, many things will. That’s just life. Some of them are in your control, and many are not. 

So how did 2016 go for me? My first proud thought was that I didn’t go to treatment once this entire year. That’s a first since 2008. But then I thought about that statement…and I’m not really just proud of not going into treatment. That’s all nice and well, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’m more proud of the fact that I faced this year without such hell from my eating disorder. I didn’t need to go into treatment. That’s what I’m proud of. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it, so the “no treatment” part is less relevant. 

I spent this year working very hard. I began working full time, going to school full time. I took two semesters of college. I moved into an apartment. I stopped seeing a dietitian. I started dating someone new. I brought my cat from Maryland to come live with me. I interviewed for a promotion. I volunteered at a cat rescue. I switched my residency status to Georgia and voted in the primary and election. I’ve dealt with health issues with my cat. I’ve traveled to a few different places. I started taking more responsibility at work. I’ve gotten sick multiple times. I’ve cried, laughed, been happy, been sad. I was free from any self harm actions. 

Overall, I’d say this year is a success. It’s been one of the better ones in a long time, at least. I like where I am, and do desire some change, but I’m also grateful for what it is. This year could have been better, or worse…but I’m glad it happened. 

Unless I update again before the new year, peace out 2016. It’s been real. 


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