Question #42

Question: If money cannot buy happiness, can you ever be truly happy with no money?

Answer: Well…in today’s world, I’m going to have to go with no. You can be rich and miserable. That’s completely a reality. But if you have absolutely no money, with no one supporting you financially or in any way…I really don’t think you can be that happy. You’re living on the street, in the cold or heat. You don’t have a home to call your own. You can’t go out with friends, because that almost always requires money. Even transportation requires money. You can’t visit a doctor, so you can’t take care of yourself. You don’t have any guarantees for tomorrow, so you can’t plan ahead very well.

I wish I could say yes, but if I’m being real and honest, I have to say no. There is almost never a universal answer, so I could be wrong in some cases. But I think it might be accurate in most.


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