Question #39

Question: What is true strength?

Answer: True strength is having everything against you, but doing what you believe anyway. Strength is not wanting to do something that is good for you, but doing it anyway. Strength is being yourself in a world full of hate. Strength is not wanting to live, but choosing life anyway. Strength is saying goodbye when you need to. Strength is walking away when you need to, but maybe don’t want to. Strength is making a balance between what’s right for you and what’s right for everyone else (but valuing yourself in the process). Strength is eating that bite of food, when you don’t want the calories or guilt. Strength is staying away from the bathroom after you’ve eaten a meal. Strength is stopping yourself before you make an unwise decision. Strength is going to that meeting instead of taking those pills. Strength is doing what hurts, but knowing it’ll be the best in the end.

Strength is looking at life, knowing you’re scared, but you keep on going anyway.


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