Question #2

Question: What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

Answer: That’s actually kind of a hard question to answer. Immediately, I thought, “life”. Or “recovery”. Both of those would be very difficult for me to give up on. But at the same time, they’re also easy. I have given up on my life and recovery over and over. It’s nothing new. It would take a whole hell of a lot for me to do that again, for where I am now in my life…but I am pretty good at convincing myself that those things are necessary.

I suppose, for this very moment, I’m feeling an answer of “work”. I am super frustrated with work right now. It’s extremely taxing, physically and emotionally. I feel like I work very hard and am not seeing results I once did. I feel stuck, and I’m not sure what it’ll take for me to move. Part of me wants to give up, but another large part of me doesn’t think that’ll help. I don’t know that it’s exactly my job that is causing these feelings. Maybe just life’s influence.

So, yes, I’ll say work for now.


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