Pondering Time

Question to Ponder: If you were given a choice to live as long as you want, how long would you like to live?

Um…that’s kind of a hard question. And the answer to this question changes over and over, over the course of my life. If you had asked me this question, I would have said I wish I had never been born in the first place; that I’d like to die yesterday. Today, I am content (to a larger extent) with being alive; however, there’s some factors you have to consider with this. The fact that you could say, forever, or until you’re 101 years old…but you could lose a lot of loved ones living that way. Everyone you know will probably die before you. You’d run the risk of being lonely, depending.

I guess for me personally, I’d like to live long enough to experience life, but not longer than all of my loved ones. If I get married, maybe we can both grow old together and go like that? I want to live as long as I (and others) can find pleasure out of my existence. I want to live long enough to make a difference, and live out my purpose. I want to be fully alive while I am alive- I don’t want to keep on living if I’m suffering, or causing others to suffer.

So, no, I don’t have a number for an answer. But I guess the question didn’t specifically ask for one, so…yep.

-November 12, 2016


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