Ponder Question Nov. 8

Question to Ponder: If you could say a sentence which the whole world could hear, what would you say?

Answer: Before we say what immediately pops into our minds as a comeback, we need to stop and think about what the other person might be going through.

Reasoning: Most people say rude things to hurt others (physically or emotionally), or to “put them in their place”. How do you know that that person didn’t just lose a loved one, or maybe has trauma issues, or maybe was brought up a different way than you? How do you know that person is thinking about themselves, or others? How do you know if that person isn’t debating between continuing their life, or ending it? Answer? You won’t, unless you ask. And even if you do ask, you still might not find out the truth. I try to remember this theory when I am dealing with someone who rubs me the wrong way. I might not know this person’s life, and I certainly don’t know everything that’s going on inside them right now. Hateful words and actions do just that- they hurt. What they don’t do is help.

I believe in giving that person the benefit of the doubt before just bringing them down.

-November 8, 2016

(Oh, and happy voting day, I suppose.)


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