People Should Be Famous For Caring (And other random things)

Question to Ponder: If you could be famous (a household name), what would you like to be famous for?

Writing, and more specifically, helping people through my writing. I feel like not many people become famous for just helping people (though they probably deserve it more than others). You won’t become famous just for being a good person and caring, in most cases. And that’s fine for me. I want to help people because I care, not because I want my name on TV.

I want people to know they can talk to me. I want people to know that I am a safe person for them…that I won’t judge them on their past or present. That I understand what it’s like to be in this pain that only they can truly understand. Others can relate, but no one knows what it’s like to look through your eyes. I do understand that part very well.

I just want people to know that somebody is there for them. Not everyone has someone. Not everyone can readily find a reason to keep going.

I want to be part of that reason. I want to help people keep going. Because, like I’ve said before…I thought my role in this life was to die. I truly, honestly believed that. I am alive today, and I dare to say that is a good thing. I still struggle with finding my “reason” sometimes, but I am alive and I am fighting.

Please do the same. You are worth it. ❤

-October 14, 2016


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