If You Had One Wish…

Question to Ponder: If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Peace of mind. My brain goes 1000 times a second. I am exhausted from thinking, and over-thinking, and anxiety-filled days. And from working 40 hours this week…I actually think I might be getting sick. So that’s a great reward for this exhausting week.

But seriously. It would be wonderful to just have peace of mind. To believe that I am doing what I think is best for me and for everyone around me, and to believe that what I am doing/the choices I make are the “right” thing to do. I have so much anxiety over the “what if’s”. So maybe peace of mind goes with confidence? Believing I am a good person and that I make good decisions.

Peace of mind also entails the eating disorder shutting up, once and for all. I am tired of those thoughts popping up in my head every time I feel anxiety. It would be lovely to just be.

(Sorry for going the easy route with these ponder-questions. I’ll try to write something of substance soon. Promise.)

-October 15, 2016


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