Question to Ponder

Question to Ponder: If you could have any car you wanted, which car would you choose? Would it be practical or flashy?

Well…I like my car for certain reasons (it’s a Pontiac Vibe). My dad bought it for me in high school, so it has that special meaning to it. While we were going through the process of figuring out which car would be best, I got hooked on the Ford Escape and the Toyota Highlander. I like SUV’s for whatever reason. I guess because I’m small and they’re bigger. I feel more safe in a big car. My car was a good compromise (since it’s a hatchback with better mileage). It’s been a very good car to me, even though the past four winters I’ve been in an accident (three due to stupid Maryland ice, and one due to stupid uninsured Georgia drivers who refuse to call the cops).

So, I guess an Escape or a Highlander. I’m not that into cars, though. If I was being practical about it, I would get a car with good gas mileage, because gas prices are kind of insane right now (and I’m not rich so I have to worry about that).

-October 13, 2016


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