Questions To Ponder: #1

So I found a website today with several questions to “ponder”. I will now try to answer each one (unless I really hate one, then I probably won’t).

Today’s question to ponder: If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I think I would spend the day sitting around with the people I love most. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere…I feel like that’s a bit of a waste. I do think I would want to be outside. Hopefully it’s fall, because fall is the best. The earliest stage, mostly. Anyway. I would sit around with my loved ones, talking. Talking about their futures. I would tell them any bits of wisdom that come up…which probably wouldn’t be much. I haven’t really lived all that long, frankly. I would make any amends I felt compelled to make…though at this point, there aren’t several that come to mind. I would basically want to spend the day trying not to focus on the fact that tomorrow won’t happen. I don’t want to sit around and cry, or comfort people. Maybe I wouldn’t even tell people. Who knows.

I would cuddle with my kitty. She is the best. I would have to find someone who could love her as much as I do. That would probably be my brother.

I would write. I like writing (obviously). Maybe I would write some letters. Write about my life. Write about whatever came to mind.

I just imagine myself sitting outside, closing my eyes, and feeling the breeze against my skin. Nothing feels too awful when I’m being one with nature.

Lots of kitty cuddles, though. Lots.

-Sunday October 2, 2016


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