When, Though?

The silence is eerie

Filled with the heaviness of my heart

And the screams of my demons.

I feel alone,

Yet filled to the brim

With the weight of my existence,

Ready to burst at the seams

And overflow into the abyss.

I cannot stay here,

Walking this thin line,

Watching, what I believe is the rest of the world

Below, waiting for me to fall.

On closer look, though,

It’s just me.

I smile,

Use my manners,

My eyes begging for you to notice that

I am dying, here.

Nobody knows.

But I do.

They say it can’t keep going

Like this.

But it’s kept going for

twenty-four plus years

This silent begging for

Any way out.

Leave me behind,

I won’t catch up.

-September 27, 2016


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