I Met a Little Girl Today


I met a little girl today.

She asked me how I’m doing.

I said, okay. And you?

Looking at the floor, she said,

“I’m fine.”

I couldn’t see her eyes

When she said this.

The infamous,

“I’m fine.”

Is anyone fine?

What is “fine”?

I looked at her

As she looked at the floor

As I once did.

I was about her age when I learned,

The floor is easier on the eyes

Than what’s in front of me.

The longer I looked at her,

The longer she looked at the floor,

I felt a strong wave of


Compassion for this little girl

That looks at the floor

In fear of what’s to come.

I kneeled down,

Looked her in the eyes, and said,

It’s going to be okay.

It was then she looked up.

Looked into my eyes,

As I gazed into hers.

She looks so familiar

Those eyes.

They look like mine once did.

She nods

As she takes her mom’s hand to leave,

Peering back over her shoulder,

Locking eyes with me as she goes.

Little girl,

It’s going to be okay.

  • Wednesday September 7, 2016

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