Don’t Give Up Yet


“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” -St. Jerome

I found this quote just now, and I’m surprised I’ve never heard it before. I really like it.

It’s basically along the same line as the other quotes- self-improvement, not giving up, etc. Which, obviously, I truly value.

Some things we’re not good at. I for one am terrible at public speaking. Maybe that’s why I love writing so much…because I can say everything so clearly that I wish would come out of my mouth, but never seems to. It’s very common for me to have so much going on internally, but be completely silent externally. Actually, most people I meet in life comment on it at one point or another. I’m told I’m quiet, I’m shy, I look like I’m upset, I give off a vibe that I’m angry/upset, etc. I’ll agree with the quiet and shy, but it really bothers me when people ask what’s wrong with me when nothing is actually wrong.

Anyway. I know that I’m shy and quiet, and I don’t think I’ll ever be an exceptional public speaker. However, I have to keep trying. I spent a lot of energy this past year aiming to improve my communication with others. I do this in several ways, but on my part, the biggest challenge has been speaking for myself. I’m used to either saying nothing or having someone else say what I want to say for me. I’ve gotten a lot better at speaking for myself, though I’m still not outstanding in that area. The moral of the story is, if I give up, it won’t improve.

There are necessary things in life you can’t escape working on. Speaking and communication is a big one. No one can help you if you don’t ask for it.

So I believe it’s important to keep working on your weak areas while also embracing your strong ones. Never stop trying. It’s not a lost cause until you stop trying. In addition, lay out your boundaries. If something isn’t right, and trying/trying again isn’t improving it, know how to set those boundaries. Find what works for you. I wish I could just google “how to solve _____ problem”, or “what to say when ____ happens”…unfortunately nothing is cookie-cutter. It’s individual.

You are a strong individual. You are capable, courageous, impressive, worthy, loved, strong…(I can keep going). If things aren’t going your way today, don’t give up. Ask for help, see what works and what doesn’t, and don’t believe the lies that you’ll never make it. With help from each other, we can do this.

-September 4, 2016


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