Taking It and Making It


“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.” -Irving Berlin

Once again I am using a quote for my daily writing. I think it’s a good way to start my thinking process, hence creating “writing material” (though isn’t everything writing material?).

I believe this quote is pretty accurate. Not many things are truly in my control. I can imagine how I will act, how I will respond, what I will say next…but I cannot actually control the universe. I can do what’s in my power to make things happen, but everything has a way of not working out like you planned. It’s not quite possible to predict the future.

So, 10 percent what we make it. That’s us putting forth effort, showing up for our lives, doing what’s in our control, contributing to society, and changing our point of view on reality (sometimes this includes looking at a difficult situation in a positive light).

But the “how you take it”? Couldn’t that be “what we make it” as well? Like I said before, we need to sometimes look at terrible situations and create something good from them. Can we see anything beautiful? Can we see the sun amidst the clouds?

No, sometimes we cannot. So we take bad news as they come. What’s coming to mind right now, as I’m on a “family reunion” trip, is getting news about a family member being sick. There’s really been no positive way for me to spin this in my experience. I don’t think there’s positive attributes to this situation. Because no, I do not believe the positivity of these situations “making you stronger” outweighs the pain of that person being sick and their inevitable downfall. This is the “how you take it” piece. I will feel depressed, I will feel angry, I will feel betrayed. Right now I’m in the middle of my “betrayed” phase (but that’s a whole separate topic to write about). Either way, am I going to run away from the world, hide and self-destruct as I always have? Or am I going to take it, feel the feelings, and keep trying my best to move forward?

They go hand in hand. I can take the never-ending news story of life into my hands…but I have to make it into something. I have to create something that moves me forward, so that I am prepared to keep “taking it”.

You don’t have to take it with a smile. You don’t have to self-destruct. You do have to take it, but that’s where you decide what you do with it.

Keep going. Keep looking for ways to keep going. We may not get it “right” the first time, or the second, or the third. But we can keep trying. That’s what counts.

-Saturday September 3, 2016


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