I Am Here

(Trigger warning)


I am here.

I try to breathe a little deeper,

But there isn’t enough air.

I grope around for tangible evidence of my surroundings.

I find a hand.

It’s cold.

I can hear the voice that owns this hand;

They’re saying something.

I don’t know what they’re saying.

What are they saying?


I am here.

My dad is pounding at my bedroom door.

My mom is crying, screaming back.

I am here.

The corners of the walls hug me closer.

I am melting into the walls.

I am here.

My mom blindly presses buttons on the phone,





I am here.

The police tell my mom they’re coming.

My mom opens the door and tells my dad.

My dad runs out the front door.

My mom screams after.

Where am I?

The movie plays on in front of my eyes,

But I have disappeared.

The walls have swallowed me whole.

I feel my heart beating fast,

My tears hot against my cheeks.

But I’m not there.

I’m here.

A cold hand squeezes mine

And that voice returns.

Shaking, I look up.

I ask the body sitting there,

Where am I?

She says, “You’re here.”

I am here.

-September 1, 2016


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