What is “The Best” Anyway?


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

While, in theory, this statement is probably correct…I might have to disagree just a little. Not completely. Just a tad.

I found this quote by googling, “Inspiring quotes”. Mostly I did this because I googled, “Writing prompts”, and didn’t feel inspired by any of the results. So what’s more inspiring than an inspiring quote?

Okay, so, the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. What comes to mind when I hear this is something they say in EDA (Eating Disorders Anonymous), and in recovery in general. They tend to say, “Your best is enough”. As in, if all you could manage to do that day was get out of bed for a few hours…that is enough. Your best attempt is enough.

Some days, though, I don’t do my best. I get angry, I get frustrated, and I get cynical. I could be sad, anxious, tired…I could inhabit a various range of emotions. Either way, some days I know what I’m “supposed” to do…but I don’t do it. I chose something else. Something more appealing and less difficult than what I was actually “supposed” to do.

And there the question lies: Did I do my best, knowing what I was supposed to do but not doing it? Was my lesser choice only what I was capable of that day, or did I just choose to not try as hard? Was I incapable of trying harder? That list goes on.

From that, I get to ask: Was doing not my best helpful in any way? Would my day be more worthwhile had I chose to move forward instead of back?

Am I preparing for tomorrow by not doing my best today?

I like to think that I can learn from my “not best” days. Those days where I don’t do my best are still worthwhile in my journey. I am preparing for tomorrow by making mistakes today. I will have some consequences for my mistakes, and from those I will move forward and grow.

I am probably taking this quote way further than this man intended. He may have just meant to encourage people to keep striving, moving forward in life, and making the best of each day. But you know I had to take it there.

My struggles always mean something to me in the end. I have not had one struggle that taught me absolutely nothing. Some times my best is not the definition of the best. But showing up every day and making an effort will surely be worth it tomorrow.

-Tuesday August 30, 2016


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