When It Rains

writing8I feel both relief and sadness on days like today

The sun never present, the sky a dull gray

I fill up my lungs with the cooler, light air

I watch people go by, with their vacant, blank stare

I imagine that people, on days like today

With the sun never present, the sky a dull gray

Can feel what they feel, hold on or let go

Spill their secrets to the wind, or hold back and say no

That people can be free, or prisoner to the dark

They can light up a flame, or dampen their spark

The clouds will soon burst, and cry like we do

There’s comfort in gray, more so than the blue

I’m urged to break free, to run in the rain

Be one with the earth, to not be the same

The world understands that I’m not always good

The world understands like a true friend would

That sometimes, I need to cry and let go

The rain is my sign that no one else knows.

-Wednesday August 24, 2016


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